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Saturday, October 11, 2008

American Airlines Citibank

There are two distinct types of credit cards to choose from. A sponsored card is the first type of business airline credit card which impressively gives air miles as bonuses for using their card. Needless to say, the card holder avails reward one air mile for every dollar spent. This type of the most popular and most preferred since they can be used on any number of different carriers. Another type pf business airline credit card is used to tie to one specific airline. One of the examples of this type of card is the American Airlines Citibank Mastercard which is specifically tied to one airline. It is a joint venture between Citibank and American Airlines. Furthermore, the bonus mile is only applicable for flights on American Airlines.

When obtaining an airline credit card, there are some essential factors to consider. These are the airlines you can fly most, the terms of the rewards programs, blackout dates, fees, and interest rates for carrying balances and other application for restrictions. In deciding what type of airline credit card that will best work on you, you must consider your travel needs. Take a look at the nearest airlines with hubs on your location. It can help you a lot in arriving informed and intelligent decision if you do a side by side comparison

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